“Are you struggling with health problems, emotional instability, relationship issues, stress, your child’s academic issues, child’s career, anxiety, etc?

Do you want to continue with these problems or are you looking for SOLUTION to these problems?”


Philosophy CenterWe often experience stress, emotional outbursts, physical health problems, hormonal imbalance, etc due to globalization, fast-faced life, competitive business, jobs, multi-tasking housewives, etc. Add to this the stress of our children’s upbringing and their academic issues!

Fortunately, your search for a therapist who can help you get through your problems has ended! At Dynamic Consciousness, we are committed to providing supportive and grace-filled environment in which individuals, couples, parents and children can address problems and struggles they face.

I am here to enhance the quality of your life by helping you overcome emotional, psychological, behavioural and other difficulties. I have wide and profound knowledge of human behaviour dynamics, relationship dynamics, emotional and mental dysfunctions, and ability to provide therapeutic intervention and counseling.

Based in Pune - the cultural hub of India, I am dedicated to treat people blending the conventional and alternative intervention modalities. My client-centric and holistic approach brings changes at physical, mental, emotional and behavioral levels along with achieving an inner sense of peace.

Apart from individuals, we also work with corporate by helping them with workshops. Please visit our section “Corporate World” for more details.


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Priya Jain
Priya Jain -
"Allergy of imitation jewelry - 35 yrs old lady. Dear Vilasji, I was suffering from imitation jewelry allergy for past 30 years. Whenever I would wear any imitation jewelry, I would get rashes on my whole body. After completing 6-7 sessions of hypnotherapy, my allergy of imitation jewelry completely vanished. I can now wear any type of imitation jewelry. Thank you.May God bless you and keep helping people and healing them .... And as you have rightly mentioned in your logo – Spinning wheels of happiness!
Mrs.Mehta -
"Unexplained headache for last 15 years – 50 yrs old lady. Hello Vilasji,I am glad to say that my recurring and unexplained headache has vanished! I have suffered from it for last 15 years and used all types of medications. Unfortunately, these medications gave me temporary relief. But after completing your therapy, I am now free of this problem …. I always felt like a burden living with this problem …. Today I am free of this burden ….. I feel so light! And one more point – I now have a positive attitude towards everything! Once again thanks a lot.
Kanchan -
"2-wheeler Phobia – 22 yrs old female Dear Mr. Vilas,I am glad to let you know that I have started driving 2-wheeler. Early due to phobia, I would not even want to learn to drive. But you helped me come out of this phobia. Now I commute to my office daily with my 2-wheeler. Thanks a lot.
Ms.Ghagre -
"Unexplained headache after travelling and shopping – 24 yrs old female Dear Vilasji,This is to write to you that my unexplained headache has gone completed. Wow! I am can live and enjoy my life. Earlier after travelling or going for shopping, I would be back home with terrible headache and never knew why. Then I had to stay home for 2-3 days on medication until the headache subsided. Now after the therapy, I can enjoy travelling without any headache. And one more update – two days back, I went with my friends for shopping in a mall and then for a movie. And I was surprised that I did not have any headache when I reached home. After a long time, I enjoyed shopping and a movie – without any headache God bless you and keep helping people …. As you have rightly mentioned in your logo – Spinning wheels of happiness!
Laxmikant Rathi
Laxmikant Rathi -
"Stage Fright - 30 yrs old man "Namaste Mr Vilas,I want to thank you for your EFT & hypnotherapy sessions that got me out of stage fright. I had stage fright right from my childhood. Even in schools, my hands should shiver and legs would tremble. I would sweat and have palpitation. I could not even speak in front of a group of 10-12 people. But now after your therapy, I can now speak confidently in front of group of people. In fact, yesterday I had spoke for good 45 minutes in front of group of 30-40 people. This is the most remarkable day of my life. Once again thanks a lot and God bless you!"
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We assess your health problems, conduct psychological assessment & causal analysis and then design treatment.

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